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Experience the Pulse:
Geek Bar Pulse

Experience the cutting-edge innovation of dual-core technology,
offering an astounding 15000 regular puffs and 7500 pulse puffs.


Crystal Bar
The Clear Choice

Indulge in the unique, transparent design of Crystal Bar.
Stand out with style and sophistication


Meloso Mini
The Compact Choice

Embrace sleek design and portability with Meloso Mini.
Ideal for discreet, on-the-go vaping


Meloso Max
Power in Every Puff

Experience robust flavors and powerful clouds
with Meloso Max. Vaping, elevated




Geek Bar Pulse is now available in our Assortment! 🚀

Don't miss the opportunity to experience the vaping revolution with Geek Bar Pulse!

Geekbar Meloso has joined Rappi

to make Geekbar available just for you.

Crystal Bar is now available in our assortment

with Elegance and Exceptional Flavors!

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Evapify Colombia: Your Trusted Partner for Premium Disposable Vapes

We are a team of dedicated vaping professionals committed to providing our partners with the highest quality products, exceptional service, and reliable distribution solutions. As a part of Evapify Group, the fastest-growing distributor of disposable vapes in Europe we are dedicated to do so in Colombia. We offer a diverse portfolio of innovative disposable vapes from top global brands, catering to the ever-evolving needs of the vaping market.